Green waterproofing

Pazkar - Green waterproofing at its best - as part of the company's vision Pazker is responsible for environmental protection and works to develop environmentally and user-friendly products with a green standard mark from the Israeli Standards Institute that express our commitment to preserving the environment, the earth, nature and life in a greener world.
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waterproofing of buildings

Have you experienced roof leaks, roof waterproofing problems, wall waterproofing or balcony waterproofing? The perfect waterproofing of the house has one address - pazkar. Its high quality, reliable and durable products provide waterproofing solutions anywhere in the home, from the basics to the roof.
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Infrastructure is pazkar's territory. The company offers a very wide range of leading waterproofing products, which are applied in paving, maintenance or repair of roads, parking lots and other infrastructure systems. pazkar - all along.
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Pazkar Company

Pazkar, from the Paz Group, is the leading company in Israel in development, manufacturing and marketing of mainly construction waterproofing bitumen and water based products, in addition to products for the road-infrastructure markets.

Pazkar was founded in 1934 and is considered to be the pioneer in waterproofing and road solutions in Israel. From the very beginning, the values of professionalism and excellence have been engraved on its flag. These values, which have been accompanying the company throughout the years, are reflected in the wide range of solutions offered by the company to its customers. The company’s strategy of placing the customer in the center leads to an uncompromising pursuit for top quality products and service consciousness.

Bituminous sheets: Guaranteed success in sealing buildings

Sealing buildings, not what you thought.

Our waterproofing solutions

Pazkar offers professional and high-quality solutions in tow main areas: waterproofing and  infrastructure These solutions rely on many years of experience and expertise, incorporating the best means of production and development.

As one who has embraced the value of innovation, “Pazkar” solutions are characterized by advanced thinking and perfect response to its customers’ needs, both in terms of features and product capabilities and in terms of use.

Pazkar’s selected solutions have broken through over the years and are now being implemented in almost every home, building and infrastructure in Israel. With a commitment to its customers, “Pazkar” constantly strives to develop high-quality and reliable solutions, which repeatedly set new professional standards in the industry.

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