Elastomeric bitumen-polymer (SBS) waterproofing membranes
Product Description

  • Non-woven spunbond polyester fabric reinforcement.
  • Manufactured in a nominal thickness of 3- 5mm.
  • Upper surface finish availability:
    1. Mineral slate granules layer – self protection against U.V. radiation.
    2. Silica sand layer – for underground and unexposed applications.
Product Uses
Polypaz is recommended for the following uses:
  1. waterproofing of flat and pitched roofs, site cast reinforced concrete, prefabricated concrete slabs, metal roofs and parking lots.
  2. The membrane can be used under heavy protection of gravel, asphalt
    concrete paving, or concrete.
  3. Foundation waterproofing, waterproof tunnels and underground structures.
  4. Polypaz RT with root protection should be used for waterproofing of structures
    which may be subjected the penetration of roots.

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