Two component water-based Bituminous Liquid Membrane for Heavy Duty Applications featuring anti Root properties

Rapidflex RT is a Root Resistance rapid drying waterproofing material, featuring extremely high productivity properties.

The material is based on a unique bituminous emulsion featuring outstanding flexibility properties and excellent adhesion to concrete and to metal surfaces.

General Instructions

All surfaces to which Rapidflex RT is to be applied must be sound, stable and free from dirt, dust, loose debris, grease etc.
Rapidflex RT is applied by a double head spraying machine.
One nozzle sprays the Rapidflex RT and the second sprays the accelerator.
Rapidflex RT can be applied over inclined planes, horizontal and vertical surfaces.
Rapidflex RT should be thoroughly mixed for 5 minutes prior to use using the spraying machine`s pump.
Rapidflex RTand liquid accelerator are simultaneously sprayed at a ratio of 10:1 (10 Rapidflex: 1 Accelearator).
Spray a quantity of 6.5 Kg / m2 of Rapidflex RT to obtain a dry layer of 4mm thick.
Footstep is permitted 3 hours from spraying completion.
Let dry for 5 days for a complete dry, depending on local weather.


Rapidflex RT is available in the following packaging options:

Rapidflex: 1 Ton IBC Cube
Component B (Root Resistant Additive): 15 Liters Can
Accelerator: 25 Kg Bag

Store under cover out of direct sunlight and protect from extreme temperature.
In tropical climates the product must be stored in an air-conditioned environment.
In cold climates the product must be stored in heated environment (over 10oC/50oC).
Do not freeze.

Shelf life is up to 12 months when stored as above.

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