A two layers ultimate solution for waterproofing and coatings

Master Roof is a white hybrid polymeric waterproofing and coating material resistant to extreme temperatures and extreme environmental conditions.

Master Roof features excellent solar reflectivity and emissivity properties.
The material is applied as a thick paste forming a seamless, decorative and flexible membrane that prevents water penetration and extends the life of the roof.

  • Two colors application to guarantee an absolute coverage
  • Saves the need of an additional white coat
  • Environmentally friendly
  • High UV Resistance
  • High Solar Reflectance and Infrared Emittance
  • Resists Extreme Temperatures
  • High productivity
  • High strength and elasticity

Product Uses

  • Waterproofing new roofs that have various penetrating devices or complex geometrical shapes.
  • Waterproofing complex areas, where Bituminous Membranes can not be used.
  • Waterproofing existing roofs that are in need of renovation and are covered with old bitumen or old bituminous membranes.

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